Why Choose Us

At BenMeyer IT, we provide a full range of services to help your business or organization operate smoothly. Whether you have hardware, software, or communication issues, BenMeyer IT can provide the support, maintenance, or project implementation you need at an affordable rate.

Best Prices in the Triangle

With the lowest prices for managed IT services in the area.

Fast and Reliable

We strive to be the fastest and most reliable IT service provider in the state.

Dedicated to help business grow

Benmeyer IT is dedicated to implement the right technology so that we can help your business grow.

Cloud Specialists

We can provide custom, secure and advanced cloud technologies to help grow your business

Local Business

We are a local business here in the Triangle. and love our small business community.

Ready for anything

What ever your busines need might be we are ready.

919 714 9547

Call now to get in touch or dop us a line at info@benmeyerit.com

The Super Awesome Team

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Benjamin Hooijmeijer


Benjamin Hooymeijer is an experienced IT professional. Born and raised in The Netherlands, Ben is a Dutch National. Benjamin completed his training at Albeda College in Rotterdam, and began his career shortly after as a System Administrator with Veldhoven Design. Five years later, Ben fell in love with an American girl on vacation to North Carolina. In September of 2013, Benjamin moved to Raleigh, NC to be with his new wife, and the rest is history!

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Chief Happiness Officer

Ebbi has been with Benmeyer IT since the beginning. Focused on a healthy and creative environment she manages the people around the office. Her passion for sleeping and relaxing is second to none. However when things need to be done she never shies away from sitting on top of keyboards till she gets what she wants, a true legend here at Benmeyer IT.

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Hendrix joined our team in early 2015. A natural born WatchGuard she is a great addition to our team. Her useful tactics have held many solicitors away from our office and notified staff in time so that when visitors arrive we can welcome them as if we have a sixed sense. Her “work hard play even harder” attitude has brought an immense positive vibe around the office.